English Level Test

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There are 40 questions in the test. It will take you about 20 minutes to complete.

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1. A: Are you going to school?

B: No. I'm _____ home.
2. A: Would you _____ with me tomorrow?

B: Yes, I'd love to.
3. A: Can he speak English?

B: No, he _____ .
4. A: ____ you ever owned a Rolls Royce?

B: No, never.
5. A: Have you been in England a long time?

B: Yes, several months. I arrived here _____ August last year.
6. A: Where was Jack at twelve o'clock yesterday?

B: At home. He _____ TV with me.
7. A: I think history is _____ than geography.

B: Really? I think the opposite.
8. A: What are your plans for next summer?

B: Well, I _____ a holiday to France in July.
9. A: How long _____ you been working here?

B: Almost ten years now.
10. A: Who in your family do you look _____?

B: I don't know. A mix of my mother and father, I think.
11. A: Do you like dogs?

B: Not really, I'm a little afraid _____ them.
12. A: I'm still quite new. I _____ doing this job for long.

B: Really? Are you enjoying it?
13. A: John finished his homework already.

B: Yes, I know. He writes very _____.
14. A: If I go to the supermarket today, I _____ some milk.

B: Don't forget some sugar, too.
15. A: Do the police know who did it?

B: Yes. The burglar _____ yesterday.
16. A: I love my grandfather!

B: Yes, he _____ such wonderful stories.
17. A: Do you like sad films?

B: Yes, but I always _____ upset when someone dies.
18. A: I really like watching soap operas on TV.

B: _____. My favourite is "Eastenders".
19. A: My parents never _____ out late. We had to be home by nine.

B: That seems very strict.
20. A: Is the restaurant very formal?

B: No, you _____ wear a tie.
21. A: I'm fed up with all this work. I hate revising _____ exams.

B: Me too. Let's have a coffee.
22. A: Do you think Billy broke that vase?

B: No. He wasn't here so it _____ him.
23. A: _____ you possibly help me with this table?

B: Of course. Where should I put it?
24. A: How do you know he stole that necklace?

B: He _____ it to police yesterday afternoon.
25. A: Your flat looks lovely.

B: Thank you. I've just _____.
26. A: He's very rude, isn't he?

B: Yes. It's a characteristic _____ doesn't help him make friends.
27. A: Would you like a piece of fruit cake?

B: No thanks. I'm not very _____ fruit cake.
28. A: Why did you arrive so late?

B: We forgot _____ flowers so we stopped on the way.
29. A: He's a very important businessman, isn't he?

B: Yes, he _____ his money from a new kind of plastic.
30. A: Are you going to London this weekend?

B: No, I can't. I wish I _____ but I'm busy at work.
31. A: I'd like to learn another language.

B: I suppose you'd _____ start finding out about language schools.
32. A: I'm so tired. I haven't been to bed before midnight all week.

B: It sound like you need to _____ some sleep.
33. A: Did you say the man was just arriving at the station when you saw him?

B: No, he _____ already been there for some time.
34. A: I've just bought a Spanish dictionary.

B: That's good. It's very useful for _____ new words.
35. A: Our family _____ wine for five generations.

B: That's a long time.
36. A: By this time next year, I _____ on a beach in the Bahamas.

B: Lovely! I wish I could come too.
37. A: John and Bill are always arguing.

B: Yes, they don't _____ at all well.
38. A: I am saving money for a trip around Australia.

B: You'll need to be very _____ this year.
39. A: I really like Stilton cheese. It's delicious.

B: Yuk! That's not for me. I'd _____ have nothing.
40. A: There will be some serious global warming _____ we reduce the amount of air pollution.

B: Yes. Water levels will rise too.

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