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Intensive English Immersion

We are proud of our twenty years’ experience in placing Young Learners with our carefully selected homestay tutors. Every Young Learner receives an entirely personalised InTuition service before, during and after their course.
Our Young Learner programmes are designed for students aged 10 – 17.

What we offer


    The secret to the success of our courses is simple: we work with only the best homestay tutors: selected, resourced and supported by InTuition, so you can be confident about their quality and their commitment to giving you the best learning experience.


    We select individual materials for you based on your Language Profiler. We assess all aspects of your language and develop a course especially for you, using bespoke teaching materials specially designed for one to one teaching.


    You and your tutor can plan visits and excursions which are relevant to your interests, and organise specific activities in your free time. This every day engagement keeps you listening and talking to improve your confidence in English.


    Because the programme is immersive, you’ll continue to learn when you’re not in class. From what you hear and what you see to the people you talk to, every experience has the potential to build your language skills.


    As a guest of your host tutor in their comfortable home, you’ll be welcomed warmly but have as much privacy as you want. Our tutors offer a high standard of accommodation. You can book a private bathroom.


    We look after your from the moment you arrive. We can arrange for you to be welcomed at the airport and will call you during your stay to make sure you are happy with all aspects of your course.

All our courses include

  • Full board: Breakfast/Lunch Dinner
  • Comfortable accommodation study bedroom
  • Day 1 diagnostic assessment
  • Student telephone helpline
  • Experienced exam tutor
  • The latest published exam materials
  • 3 accompanied afternoon activities per week
  • 1 weekend excursion
  • Online certificate & end of course report
  • Pre course planner & student portal
  • Free Wifi with host family
  • Free travel insurance

Select a course



Per Week
  • 20 Lessons Per Week
  • Includes Full-Board Accommodation
  • Includes 3 Excursions Per Week
For a full list of what's included see above

Fast Track


Per Week
  • 25 Lessons Per Week
  • Includes Full-Board Accommodation
  • Includes 3 Excursions Per Week
For a full list of what's included see above

Super Intensive


Per Week
  • 30 Lessons Per Week
  • Includes Full-Board Accommodation
  • Includes 3 Excursions Per Week
For a full list of what's included see above

More Young Learner English Courses

Super Junior Course

Super Junior programme is aimed at pre-teen language students (students aged 10 to 13). It is a complete cocooning service.

School English Exam Courses: Baccalaureat

Preparation courses for your Baccalaureat, Abitur, Matura, Selectividad and university entrance exams

Junior 2 Junior(J2J) Summer Programme

This offers a great opportunity for Junior students to mix with different nationalities. Our J2J programme is for Juniors aged between 14 and 17 who are mature enough to cope with 2-to- 1 classes. Programmes are arranged with host English tutors living in the South East of England or Heart of England for fixed date periods (in the summer). All courses are two weeks in length.

English for School Subjects

A short one to one course is an ideal way to prepare for study at school or university in the UK. We concentrate on exactly what you need to know so that when you attend your school or University your confidence in speaking and understanding English will be maximised.

Private Academic Tutoring

Arts, Sciences, Mathematics and Humanities Our Private Academic Tutoring programme is ideal for international students – either studying in the UK or overseas – who want to make the maximum progress in GCSE and A-level subjects before sitting exams. Using qualified and experienced subject teachers, we provide an immersion environment, allowing students to develop their confidence in using academic language and develop their enjoyment of studying in English, as well as developing their subject knowledge.

Boarding School Holiday Courses

Designed for international students currently studying at independent and boarding schools in the UK, our Holiday Home Tuition programme is an ideal choice for students who want to combine a unique holiday experience with an immersive English language home tuition course.

Build your own course

Want something more personalised?
At InTuition we can tailor make a course to meet your exact requirements. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.


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