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Just some of our online Tutors

Sheelagh D

I was born in the romantic sounding Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland but moved with my parents, older brother and sister to London when I was a baby. At the age of ten we moved country again, this time to Wales, the land of poets where I grew to adulthood in a tiny Welsh village. I studied English Literature at the University of Cardiff and moved to London in my early twenties to seek my fortune in the publishing industry. After working for various publishing houses, I edited a magazine for a national charity.

I married and have a family of three children, all grown up. My son and one daughter are engineers and my other daughter works in international planning. Whilst at home I retrained as an EFL Teacher back in 1994 and became a Homestay teacher. I enjoyed this for several years while my family were growing up and then worked as an EFL Specialist Teacher in a London Secondary School where I taught English Language to teenagers. I studied for a Masters in Sociolinguistics in 2008 to 2010 and a PGCE in 2012. Presently, I work as an EFL Lecturer at a College of Further Education and last year I started to teach Homestay courses again.

I have recently started to teach classes online and I am looking to develop this further. When I am not teaching I play a lot of tennis, I go cycling round the London parks and tow paths and I practise yoga regularly. I enjoy visiting the centre of London where you will find me in the many art galleries or museums. I love the theatre and am a member of the British Film Institute and the National Art Fund. I also love travelling internationally and in Europe. In February of this year we visited Peru which was fascinating.

Peter T

My name is Peter and I have been a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language for 9 years. I have been working with Intuition Languages as a Tutor for 8 years. 

I enjoy working as an English Language tutor as I love the teaching, especially when I can explain a difficult area and the student appears to understand what I have taught.  I also enjoy meeting a variety of different nationalities of students and learning about their cultures. 

I am a qualified Lawyer and continue to work as a Solicitor (a type of Lawyer in England) for some of the time when I am not teaching. As such, I not only teach general English at all levels, but can also teach Legal and Business English. 

My interests and hobbies include keeping fit by swimming, jogging and going to the gym. I also have a 1966 British classic car which I enjoy looking after and driving. 

I am looking forward to meeting you soon. 

Anja S (German)

Seit meinem Zweitstudium zur Mittelschullehrerin (Englisch, DAF, Sport) habe ich Nachhilfeunterricht für jugendliche SchülerInnen gegeben.  

An der Mittelschule (Schüleralter 10-15) konnte ich vor allem die migrantischen SchülerInnen beim Lernen fördern und motivieren. Nicht alle SchülerInnen hatten es leicht, sich sprachlich zu integrieren. Ich habe die „multiple Intelligence-Methode“ angewendet und das hat das Lernen erleichtert. 

Nach einigen Jahren bin ich in die Erwachsenenbildung gegangen. Viele Menschen aus Krisenländern kamen in Österreich an. Ihre Sprachen haben ein anderes Alphabet, eine ganz andere Grammatik und viele der LernerInnen hatten nicht gedacht, dass sie mit 40 Jahren noch eine neue Sprache lernen sollen und eine Prüfung ablegen müssen. Es ist immer wieder eine Herausforderung, Menschen zu unterrichten, die beim Lernen noch am Anfang stehen. Wir hatten unser wöchentliches Frühstück, denn diese Menschen wollen sich auch mitteilen und zeigen, was sie aus ihrer Kultur mitbringen.  

Dieses Jahr habe ich in Südindien unterrichtet. Viele SchülerInnen waren sehr gut vorgebildet und Meister in der Grammatik und in der Artikulation. Wir haben das freie und spontane Sprechen und Agieren geübt und sehr viel Spaß gehabt.  

Ich bin auch selbst immer am Weiterlernen und versetze mich in die Rolle des Schülers. Das ist mir wichtig. Eigentlich möchte ich noch viele Sprachen lernen, auch mit einem anderen Alphabet, aber es ist ja noch Zeit.

Margaret H

Margaret holds a CELTA certificate and an M.A. in History. She worked abroad for The British Council's Overseas Career Service for several years. She has been a tutor with Intuition since 2013. 

She loves getting to know students and helping them to feel more confident and empowered. In addition to general English, exam preparation, academic writing and some business English, Margaret particularly enjoys teaching pronunciation. 

Gbemi S

Gbemi has a Bachelor of Law degree, a Masters of Law degree, and the CELTA qualification to teach English. 

She has hosted international students in her home for over 10 years and has been a host EFL tutor for 7 years. 

Gbemi enjoys teaching Business language, Law, Exam preparation and teenagers. She enjoys seeing her students become confident with their use of the English language. 

Gbemi plays the saxophone, and enjoys travelling to learn about new places, cultures, and cuisine. Her dream is to travel every country of the world. 


Maria S (Italian)

Mi chiamo Maria e sono laureata in lingua e cultura giapponese;  ho vissuto alcuni anni in Giappone dove ho insegnato italiano in videoconferenza 

Sono insegnante di italiano da 17 anni e dal 2012 sono homestay tutor per In tuition. 

Grazie a questo lavoro posso conoscere persone di tutto il mondo, condividere esperienze di vita quotidiana, e far conoscere in modo diretto e autentico il mio paese, la mia lingua.  

Nel tempo libero amo ascoltare la musica, leggere di tutto, cucinare, andare in montagna, viaggiare e…. adoro giocare col mio gatto. 

Wendy R

I have thirty plus years of teaching EFL in the UK and overseas, most recently at an international school in Munich, from which I have just returned. Prior to this I was Head of EAL at a prep school in Dorset for 11 years. Before that I have taught all over Europe, in Italy and Sweden.  

I have a dog, who I walk twice a day. I like to ski, horse ride and read. I also like to sow. 

I am very much looking forward to teaching you and hope to see you soon! 

Hazel L

My name is Hazel, I was born in 1953. I married and brought up 2 children a girl and a boy. Most of my working life I have been a secretary, then I changed my job and for a while worked in a school for disabled children. I live in Oxfordshire, in the south-east of England, in a small town, surrounded by lovely countryside, which I really enjoy. I like to keep healthy: I like to swim, cycle and walk and I have run marathons. I also enjoy the cinema, reading, food and music. I think life is a journey, I really enjoy learning.  

I have a Trinity Cert TESOL certificate to teach English and a TEFL Certificate. 

Jesus M A (Spanish)

¡Hola! Me llamo Jesús, tengo 26 años y soy español, de Valencia, una ciudad al este de España famosa por sus costas y por el lugar de origen de la paella. Me licencié en magisterio de primaria en la universidad Jaume I de Castellón de la Plana, y desde que terminé mis estudios, llevo ejerciendo de profe de español en una escuela de idiomas. Tengo experiencia en todos los niveles y en todas las destrezas que conforman el aprendizaje de la lengua española, y también tengo todos los títulos que me permiten ser examinador de la prueba DELE para la obtención de tu título de español, por lo que también puedo prepararte si es lo que quieres. En mi tiempo libre me gusta pescar, jugar al fútbol y pasar tiempo con mi familia y amigos. Te espero pronto. ¡Un saludo! 

Berna F

Hello my name is Berna, 

I have been working as an EFL teacher for 5 years and as a tutor for Intuition since September 2016. I have been teaching both General and Business English. 

 I think this is the best job in the world.  I love meeting and connecting with my students.  I love learning about their country and their culture. 

 I have many interests and hobbies, I am a big fan of running, hiking and yoga and I love all sports.  I especially love to travel and learn new languages.  I have been studying both French and Spanish. 

I also love cooking, reading and watching Netflix series and movies. 

 My professional background before becoming a CELTA qualified teacher was business, and the health and fitness industry. 

 I am looking forward to meeting you soon and teaching you English. 

Sue P

Hello, my name is Sue 

I have been working as an EFL teacher for more than 20 years, teaching English to children and adults of all ages and levels from beginners A1 to C2 proficiency and IELTS - So whatever your English learning needs, I can help you.  I can help you improve your speaking, listening, writing and reading skills.

I had my own English language school in Greece and am ready to teach you online. I have been working as a tutor for InTuition for 2 years now. 

I like working as a tutor, because it gives me the opportunity to teach you all about every day English lifestyle and culture.

Your background and specialism – I have a BA in Business studies and did CELTA course at IH in London in April 2019.

My hobbies include hiking, cycling, yoga, pilates, films, cooking, social history and of course teaching English to you.

I am looking forward to meeting and interested in learning about you!

Alison B

I’m Alison and I live in Brighton with my partner Sean. I’ve been teaching English as a foreign language for the past 5 years and I combine this job with my other role as a tour manager- leading trips around the world and the UK.  I used to work in the British Education system and taught English and French to older teenagers, preparing for their A Level exams. 

I love bringing English to life in my lessons and I particularly like to teach grammar and pronunciation in a fun and interactive way. I am well qualified, with a Masters in Applied Linguistics and a Celta as well as 25+ years of teaching experience. I am able to teach a range of age groups and levels. I particularly enjoy exam preparation and have experience with Cambridge First and Cambridge Advanced students but I am very comfortable with General English courses. I love to learn languages myself and two years ago I did a home stay in China and took lessons in Mandarin. I speak French and Spanish and I’m currently learning Portuguese. 

My other interests include travel, reading, painting, hiking and yoga. I’m lucky to live in a vibrant city on the South Coast 

Steve S

Steve lives in Cambridge, a beautiful old city in the south of England. It’s famous for being full of magnificent and mysterious buildings many of which look very much like a certain Hogwarts, or so I’m told… 

Steve has been teaching with Intuition for just over a year and has taught students from all over the word, he loves to teach adults as well as younger people and makes sure that all his lessons are fun, interesting and challenging. He has a lively personality and a curious mind, two qualities that are just as useful to have as a teacher or a student.  

Steve is a karate master and has practiced martial arts for more than twenty years. He is a qualified instructor and teaches in a club close to the city. He also stays fit by running and going to the gym. Steve says the best thing in life is spending time with friends and family.  

Ken S

Ken lives in Edinburgh. He has studied HND Business Studies in Plymouth in 1982. He took his CELTA in 2010.  

Ken has worked for Fettes College, working with teenagers from all over Europe and Asia. He does regular supply teaching through Capitol School of English and has been hosting students aged 16 to 65 on a regular basis since 2011. 

Ken also worked as a teacher at Dzonsar Institute in Himachal Pradesh from Febuary 2019 to November 2019 where he teached beginner and elementary level adults (Buddhist monks). 

 For the last ten years he has also been a professional storyteller working internationally and in Edinburgh schools. He is also a gifted photographer and digital designer specializing in silk prints. Other interests are art/painting, aromatherapy, badminton, cinema, computers, cooking/food/wine, music, nature/outdoors, skiing, tennis, travelling, walking, didgeridoo teacher/builder and recording artist. 

Jeremy L

Jeremy is an English teacher with many years experience of teaching online, both English as a Foreign Language and teaching English first language and literature to UK students.
He has a B.A. (Hons) Combined Studies Physics, Maths and Design Technology, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education; TEFL and Communication Studies
Diploma (leading to MA) in TEFL from Canterbury Christchurch University
Certificate of Proficiency in Insurance
Financial Planning Certificate.

He has been the Director of Studies/Centre Supervisor of many British Council accredited schools and worked on the development of specialised English for Insurance materials for the Chartered Insurance Institute. He also has been working on the development and running of online courses for over 20 years.

Jeremy is a guitarist and musician and has been performing both in the UK and internationally since the 1980s. He also loves dogs and likes to walk and cycle.

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Anna P

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