English for Aviation

English for Aviation

Designed for Pilots who are studying for their ICAO level 4 qualification.

This intensive English course is designed to prepare pilots for the Aviation English exam The course is aimed at Pilots but equally suitable for Avionics engineers and others in the industry who use English for Aviation.

Course Features and Objectives

  • Master the exam format and the different sections involved
  • Communicate effectively in the context of Aviation
  • Acquire specialist vocabulary and ‘technical jargon’
  • Prepare for the test using test Papers

The majority of our courses are one or two weeks in duration and 20 or 25 lessons per week.

Our teachers are professional yet friendly and informal. Teaching in their own homes allows them to create a relaxed learning environment in which flexibility and adapting to the client’s needs are of prime consideration.  Our network of trainers bring a mature and experienced approach to the training, complete with comprehensive back up from InTuition. Accommodation and full board is included in the package so trainees are immersed in English for the whole course.

Key Facts

  • Personalised Study Plan on Day 1 plus Exam specific materials
  • Private bathroom option
  • Full-board accommodation in comfortable home
  • Access to internet

Hours per Week

20 or 25 lessons per week.

Course Length

1 or 2 weeks.


* You can upgrade to a Private bathroom

* You can take a 2 to 1 if you come with a friend,relative or colleague of same level of language

What’s Included

    • Full board: Breakfast/Lunch Dinner
    • Comfortable accommodation study bedroom
    • Day 1 diagnostic assessment
    • Student telephone helpline
    • Experienced exam tutor
    • The latest published exam materials
    • 2 accompanied excursions per week
    • Free Transfers from local station
    • Online certificate & end of course report
    • Pre course planner & student portal
    • Free Wifi with host family
    • Two free online lessons post course

Sample Timetable

Morning Afternoon Evening
Sunday Arrival Arrival & settling in Dinner & meeting the family
Monday Level assessment.
Introduction to air communication.
Communication skills.
Orienteering the local area.
Tuesday Newspaper reading.
Specific vocabulary building.
Listening skills.
Conversation in social situations.
Visit the local pub.
Wednesday Ground movements.
Presentation skills.
Vocabulary & pronunciation.
Departure, climbing, cruising.
Practice paper.
Thursday Vocabulary & pronunciation.
En route events.
Contact and approach.
Speaking workshop.
Friday Landing.
On the ground.
Interactive grammar.
Final presentation.
Visit to the market.
Saturday Free time. Visit.

Enrol For This Course

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Per Week
  • 15 Lessons Per Week
  • Includes Full Board Accommodation
  • For a full list of what's included see above
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Per Week
  • 20 Lessons Per Week
  • Includes Full Board Accommodation
  • For a full list of what's included see above
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Super Intensive


Per Week
  • 30 Lessons Per Week
  • Includes Full Board Accommodation
  • For a full list of what's included see above
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