InTuition wins another Air Traffic Controller contract

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InTuition wins the SNA-Ouest Air Traffic Controller contract for 2018-19 We’re delighted to announce that we’ve been selected to provide intensive English immersion for Air Traffic Controllers from the western region of France. Aviation English is one of our specialities, and we currently host several hundred ATCs from other parts of France every year. Courses focus on both the specialist, …

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Are you too direct at work?

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I’ve recently consulted with a number of companies who have asked me to coach staff members who are considered too direct at work. These are often project managers or office staff who, under pressure, give direct orders, show anger and are seen to be dogmatic, dominant, uncooperative, and unsupportive. If you are too direct at work, here are twelve things …

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JR’s Diary

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My student Rui is from Oporto, Portugal and arrived last Sunday. He is a sales person working for a German manufacturer of machine tools. His area of operation is Iberia (ie. Spain & portugal).  A very pleasant and amiable person, keen to improve his Upper-Intermediate level.  From the start it was clear that his main interest is writing where he …

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