Speaking, Listening and Writing

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My experience, so far, of excursion planning is to elicit student knowledge and/or places of interest to visit (eg London) the day before. What might we see- shops, food, restaurants, people etc etc.  It is mostly a speaking and listening exercise- we read tourist information from the web sites or brochures.(depending on student level). For a follow up writing exercise I then give the student different headings such as ‘What was your first impression of Brighton/London?’  What were the people like?  Describe 1 or 2 things that are different to your home town/city.  What is your opinion of the town/city?  Throughout the actual visit I pose these questions to the student and elicit their thoughts.  Hopefully, this is then transferred to their written diary.  The outcome is obviously related to student level/ability. I also use the written piece for further assessment of grammatical errors and subsequent lessons.

by Mary Wilce

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