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New Blog Post

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Please think of this blog as a place for you to look for and/or share:

  • Teaching and hosting ideas that have worked well for you
  • Good practice and resources (physical or online)
  • Recipes and other tips
  • You can also encourage your students to create their own blog!


  • Please make your title as descriptive and relevant to the content as possible so that other tutors will find posts easy to browse.
  • Please carefully select the category in which you would like your blog to appear before posting.
  • Please do not use photos with copyright restrictions and keep image sizes small or they will not upload properly.
  • Do not upload photographs of your students without written permission
  • Do not upload photographs of under-18s.
  • This is a public blog, so it is best to avoid mentioning full addresses and full names.

Many of the blogs here are posted by our Academic Team. If you would like to ask fellow tutors for support or ideas about a particular teaching or hosting issue in a more private, interactive setting, please use the Host Tutor Forum.

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