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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

IH InTuition Languages’ Corporate Social Responsibility


Travel, cultural exchange and learning; language acquisition facilitates all these enriching experiences. It makes a special connection with people, places, traditions, food, laughter and ways of life. For us, our courses are about combining these experiences. We are aware that we’re in a world of haves and have-nots and whilst education is a right in our part of society it is still an aspiration for many, either financially or physically.

The following principles form our corporate social responsibility (CSR) charter:

Workplace & Employees

  • IH InTuition is a network of English language tutors working for English language tutors. Membership is highly selective and we provide a supportive environment to its members to form a community.
  • IH InTuition gains customer satisfaction by offering reliable, high quality services. IH InTuition achieves this by committing to provide professional developmental and learning opportunities for all employees – enabling them to maintain their skills and marketability.
  • We fairly compensate our host tutors for their contributions, provide meaningful performance feedback to them and provide them a programme of planned a professional development training. We encourage host tutor involvement in issues affecting our efficiency and our business. We also recognize that best practices in this important area continue to evolve and that, accordingly, we must learn and evolve as a business as well.
  • IH InTuition respects diversity and is an equal opportunities employer, recruiting and promoting employees based on their skills and proficiency, irrespective of their age, ethnic origin, gender, religion or sexual orientation. We are open to accommodate teachers and students with disabilities. This is extended to our clients through the course options we offer.

Sustainable Management and Operations

  • IH InTuition is committed to reducing its impact on the environment through efficient operation of its business, employing technology to minimize the use of energy, print and postage.
  • IH InTuition is committed to giving preference to suppliers that show superior environmental and social performance.
  • InTuition has a network of Host Tutors across the globe. It uses on-line training to ensure consistency in training delivery with accessibility to all, plus saving on environmental factors such as travel to a training centre.

Education and Community

  • InTuition is committed to conveying intercultural understanding as an integral part of its course delivery.
  • As an affiliate of International House World Organisation, InTuition encourages employees to participate in activities and projects that benefit the communities where we operate.
  • InTuition is involved in contributions to non-profit  charities through corporate donations related to our industry.  We achieve this through direct donation and staff fundraising.  The current charity being supported is Breast Cancer Research.
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