Book with Confidence Policy

Valid until 30 June 2021 unless extended

In order to provide our students and agent partners with complete reassurance during the COVID-19 crisis, we are pleased to introduce our new Book with Confidence policy for all home tuition course enrolments.

The policy replaces our standard Terms and Conditions for all new enrolments made until the end of 2020 (including those already in process) and for all courses starting in 2020 which were confirmed under our standard Terms and Conditions.

  1. Flexibility

Students may cancel, defer or switch online their enrolment up to one day before the course start date, free of charge. Cancellations made less than one day before the course start date will incur a charge of 100% of the net total course fee, unless the cancellation is for health reasons (for example, the student is displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or is undergoing self-isolation in accordance with local public health regulations). Deferrals made within one day of the course start date will not incur a charge.

If students choose to defer their enrolment, we will issue you with a formal Deferral Note to the value of the net total course fee plus 5% (for example, if the original booked course had a net value of €1000, the Deferral Note will allow the student to purchase a course worth €1050).

If students choose to switch online their enrolment, they will receive tuition from their allocated tutor according to our IOP prices and procedures.

  1. Accommodation Extensions

Please note: the below terms do not apply to students who are obliged to quarantine in their host tutor’s home on arrival. Quarantine is a blanket policy which is known to apply in advance.

Public health policy may require students to self-isolate for a period of two weeks after they arrive at their host tutor’s home under certain circumstances (for example, a student may be contacted by the public health authorities in their home country to be told that a close contact of theirs has tested positive for coronavirus). In these circumstances, extended accommodation will be provided free of charge for as long as required by the relevant policy.

  1. Social Distancing
Host tutors will apply common sense social distancing measures throughout students’ courses, to minimise any risk of virus transmission. The precise measures will vary between different homes, but will include:
  • Avoiding all physical contact wherever possible;
  • Ensuring that teaching areas allow for a minimum one metre distance between student and tutor;
  • Providing a schedule for bathroom use and ensuring that bathrooms are cleaned on a daily basis;
  • Avoiding use of public transport for excursions and activities wherever possible