An Italian student returns to InTuition in Ireland

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We asked Chiara some questions about her InTuition course:
Why did you choose to study abroad? \ What do you need English for?
I’m an English teacher and I always need to train and update my English. I think spending one week abroad is the best way to do it so you can speak English with native speakers from morning until night.
What made you choose the one-to-one home tuition experience?
If a have a teacher just for me I can ask any doubts I have, without bothering other students. And above all I can have a personalized schedule. I wanted to improve my pronunciation and my teacher prepared me some exercises to practise some difficult sounds.
Were you happy with the lessons? Did your progress meet your expectations?
Yes, I was. I learned new things about vocabulary and culture.
How did you find the accommodation?
The house was comfortable and clean and not far from the city center, just 10 minutes by bus.
Were you satisfied with the selection of teacher for your needs?
My teacher was great. She was very involved and she helped me a lot. She tried to do her best to improve my pronunciation and my speaking (that’s what I wanted to do). She chose very interesting articles to discuss. She suggested great activities to meet many Irish people.
What kind of activities did you do out of lessons? Did you have social opportunities for interaction?
I did a lot of things because in Dublin there are a lot of opportunities: I went to the theatre, I saw a musical, I went to the most ancient pub to listen to Celtic music, I went to a choir concert at St. Patrick’s. I tried different meals at the Greek and Spanish restaurant and of course in an Irish gastro pub. All the people who visited my teacher were very kind and talked with me. I had a fantastic time speaking English all the time and visiting Dublin with her. It was an amazing week.
Would you recommend this type of experience?
Yes, of course I would. This was my second experience with Intuition Languages and I hope I will have another opportunity in the future (who knows?) I would try another city next time, maybe in the North of England, I have never been there.

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