Mobile Phones and Telephone Numbers


Telephone Number Information
100 Operator (for help with calls locally, nationally and to the Republic of Ireland)
155 International Operator (for help with international calls or calls to a ship)
118 500 Directory Enquiries (can supply phone numbers for individuals and businesses in Britain if given name and location)
118 505 International Directory Enquiries (as above but for overseas individuals/businesses)
999 Emergency Services (police, fire, ambulance)
Some special phone codes worth knowing include:
0500/0800 Toll-free
0845 Local call rate applies
0870 National call rate applies

Hiring Mobile Phones in the UK

One of Britain's largest retailers of mobile phones, the Carphone Warehouse, has teamed up with Adam Phones to offer a nationwide hire service. They offer online 'Express Quotations' which allow you to book your phone in advance of your arrival.

When visiting Britain, hiring a SIM card could save you money and enables you to use your own handset, its compatible with GSM 900MHz networks. You will pay UK rates and not be charged for incoming calls.

Call Adam Phones on Freephone 0800 123 000 on arriving in Britain to arrange delivery of a phone to any UK address or email: or visit