Results of the 2017 Host Tutor Survey – how you say we did!

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We’re pleased to announce the results of our 2017 Host Tutor Survey. It was the third year we asked you to let us know how, in your eyes, our service delivery was over the past year. Thank you very much to all of those who provided such detailed feedback – any specific comments or queries you made will be responded to personally by a member of the team over the next month.

The Survey

We asked that host tutors assess us, out of five, on the following points:

  1. Have we taken into account your preferences, requirements and skills when referring you a student?
  2. Upon arrival, have students’ abilities and requirements have matched those outlined pre-course?
  3. Have students been motivated, polite and well-prepared for their home tuition course?
  4. Have students understood and followed course regulations (e.g. for excursions)?
  5. Please rate the academic support you have received from us over the past year.
  6. Please rate the hosting support you have received from InTuition over the past year.
  7. Should an unexpected issue arise during a course, how confident do you feel that we are always accessible and able to resolve the situation?
  8. How accessible are the InTuition academic / management team?
  9. How accessible are the InTuition placements team?

The Results

We’re pleased to announce that, overall, you rated our service higher in 2017 than in 2016 – meaning we have continued our mission for continuous service improvement across the board.

  • Has the number of students you have hosted over the past year been about right, too many, or too few? 55% responded ‘about right’, up from 48% last year.
  • Has the amount of information provided about each student pre-course been about right, too much, or too little? 90% responded ‘about right’, up from 81% last year.

Next steps

Naturally, we would like to hear your feedback on bookings throughout the year – not just at survey time. Please remember you can leave booking-specific feedback through your Portal for each student you host.

Based on the survey data, it is clear that we need to work harder (in particular) on ensuring that students’ abilities and requirements are accurately outlined. The accessibility of the academic / management team, and the support available to host tutors, are matters which we are prioritising with our new Director of Studies and Host Tutor Manager taking the lead. We are confident that you will see even better levels of service during 2018, and beyond!


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